Social Media and Employment

Recently in Minnesota, the Minnesota State Police was looking for a way to recruit different people into the state police. Instead of going the usual route and taking out help wanted ads, they took to social media. Specifically, they created a hashtag on Twitter called #IwantThatHat.


The goal of the campaign was to recruit a large and diverse group of people and by using twitter to reach out to people. “[W]e still need to reach the wildest and most relevant audience with a carefully crafted message” (33). By creating a Twitter campaign, the Minnesota State Police was able to do just that because their message was spread out to a large audience through an interesting and fun hashtag.


They also used Youtube and Facebook as a way to get their message out, as well as Twitter. “The patrol tweeted that more than 200 people had applied to be troopers as of July 2. That number has since grown, and official totals should be in this week, Gordon [Director of communication for the patrol] said,” (Prairiebizmag). The imaginative and different way at getting applicants for their open positions was not only successful, but could be a telling way of how other businesses will try and get applicants in the future. It’s no secret that hashtags on Twitter are so popular that they have trickled over into other social media sites, and Twitter often has trending hashtags where people can use the hashtag and add their own thoughts. If the Minnesota State Police had success with a campaign focused around getting applicants through a Twitter hashtag, then who’s to say that another business couldn’t have the same luck in the future?


Is it possible that using social media to get more applicants will be more likely in the future? If so, do you think this is a good idea or is it better to go about more traditional methods?



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2 thoughts on “Social Media and Employment

  1. I think social media is the most logical way to reach out to applicants. Most young people are using social media and also looking for jobs. This is exactly who companies want to target. I think this is exactly the direction the future will go. Everything these days is social media oriented. This is the most logical way for a company to stay relevant.

  2. I think that it was a great tactic to try and get a diverse group of people! So many people use hashtags and that is so smart to create one in order to grab attention to a job opportunity. What I am interested in knowing is how did they know that that hashtag meant there was an opening? Did the company tweet “Looking for employee’s #IWantThatHat”? I just do not understand how people saw that hashtag and knew that it was associated with job openings? I do think that it was a great way to grab a group of different employee’s, I just am interested in how they went about using that hashtag. I think that using a hashtag could be a way to grab more people in the future if the public knows that when that hashtag is used, there is a job opportunity. I just think that everyone needs to understand that. I also think that using a hashtag and going the traditional way is the best way to attract not only the younger generation but also targeting those who do not have Twitter.

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