Professional Connections in the Digital Age


Linked in is a social media site used by professionals to display their skill set and sell their professional self to future employers as well as to connect with other people in similar fields. Unlike sites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn aims to be more professional natured and “gives us this opportunity to belong to multiple networks based on school, university, employer, shared skills, professional bodies, shared interests, local business networks and so on. It’s the ideal platform for identifying and connecting with people across multiple niche groups” (Appleby, 81). So, instead of talking and connecting to friends and following celebrities, users could show off what kind of skills they could make use of in the work force.


United States companies often check on possible employee’s social media sites to get an idea of what this person is like. LinkedIn is a good social media site to have in order to show off your accomplishments, interests, and skill sets that may not be readily available on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Like other sites, LinkedIn makes it easy for the user to find people they may know as well as people who share similar interests and others in the same field.

I have only had a LinkedIn account for about a month, but I have found that it is a great networking site when it comes to developing professional relationships because the users of the site are primarily professionals and businesses. It isn’t a website for people looking to talk to their friends or to promote their ideas to the world, but for those who are looking for a career. A lot of college grads create profiles on this site for this very reason; it is a great way to showcase yourself for a future employer in a digital form.

Do you think LinkedIn is a good way to connect with employers and other professionals?   


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2 thoughts on “Professional Connections in the Digital Age

  1. I think LinkedIn is a great way to connect with employers directly. I met with some people at the career center yesterday and they said it is extremely important to not only have a LinkedIn but to keep checking it! There is a chance that you could be contacted and miss an opportunity for future employment if you do not check your page! I think it is an easy way to display all of your positive qualities that you have for a business and to show your previous work experiences. It is a great site that employers who are looking for good candidates can view and get a little sense of what they could bring to a company.

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