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Disney Side and Online Campaigns


This morning (September 30th), Disney Parks launched their latest campaign Disney Side across all social media platforms. They describe “Disney Side” as “the side of you that says yes more and embraces all things fun.” (DisneyParks) To get in on the fun, you can use the tag #disneyside on any social media site along with pictures of Disney experiences and use the tag to plan a Disney vacation with friends. To me, this was exciting because I will admit, I am a huge fan of Disney so to catch their newest Disney Parks campaign the day it started is kind of exciting to me. 

“As an engagement tool, Twitter is largely self-referential and conversational. It will either aim to help a brand serve its public better, or it will try to engender greater loyalty by creating a closer tie between the brand and the consumer of that brand.” (Lacey, p 78). In the case of Disney Parks, they began using Twitter, as well as other social media sites, to reach out to their customers and to people interested in bringing their family and friends to Disney World. “Social media however is only part of a larger digital movement that’s impacting business from the inside out and the bottom up. This is perhaps the most important part of this study and here it is buried. Regardless of your opinion regarding the word “digital,” the bigger trend is digital’s disruption on business and overall consumerism. When asked what keeps marketers up at night, the list was great.” (Solis). This campaign makes use of photos that people post to social media sites and uses some of them on their Disney Side homepage. Disney Side will have a few commercials, but it will largely be over social media sites and their web page.

This is just another example of how campaigns have started to become more and more digital because that is where so much of the audience has turned. More and more campaigns have started to be done online because digital platforms have the opportunity to be more conversational. Do you think that because of this, campaigns have been more successful through social media?